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Your health is important to us

The CCPCRN is here to facilitate research on people with pediatric or congenital heart disease. We help cardiologists and researchers carry out their research. We also work to improve the sharing and dissemination of research data between our partners research centres across Canada.

Your health is important to us. The security of your data too.

Objectives of the CCPCRN towards the reasearch participant


Sharing data helps to speed up the research, but confidentiality is priority.


Research that is possible with data from patients, without the possibility of identifying them.

Trusted partners

Across Canada: More than 25 hospitals and research centres are members of the CCPCRN.

Ethic and secure research

Researchers and Research Ethics Boards are constantly monitoring the use of data.

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Below is a list of projects that are currently recruiting participants

See also the complete list of the ongoing research projects in the CCPCRN here

Frequently asked questions

A data bank is a collection of data needed for health research purposes, which can be used for current and future research projects.

Data security is one of our priorities, which is why several layers of protection are in place.

All data is hosted on secure Canadian servers certified by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services to host confidential data. Only researchers with approved research projects can access the data.

The data bank contains some information from research participants. These are data needed to conduct the research, such as symptoms, medication, surgeries, measures of quality of life, results from echocardiography, etc.

The CCPCRN uses the data to answer research questions that aim to improve the lives of children with heart diseases. Research data will never be shared or sold.  

All research projects in the CCPCRN are approved by a research ethics board. Moreover, the CCPCRN steering committee ensures that research projects are of high scientific value and are designed to improve the lives of patients with heart disease and their families.

Yes, anytime and for whatever reason. This will have no impacts on the quality of care they are entitled to.