What is the QUALITY study?

A lot of information on treatments for congenital heart disease has been collected over the years, but little of this data relates to the quality of life of patients who receive these treatments.

With the QUALITY Study, we want to assess the quality of life of people with a congenital heart disease. A better understanding of what influences the quality of life will help to target treatments that really improve the lives of patients.

Who can participate?

Anyone older than 5 years of age with a congenital heart defect, and any parent of a child with a congenital heart disease

Where and when?

You simply need to fill an online questionnaire (10-15 minutes), once a year for 3 years.


Link to the study:

Study progress

To this date, all of these people have already participated in the study.
Thank you for your time and help to improve the research in congenital cardiology!


27 participants